The Valskyrr Adventure

Right from the start Mistfall was built as a game that would be both challenging and evocative. Being a board and an RPG gamer for years, I wanted to create a game that would have a strong story aspect, and as the vision of the world and its characters grew, it became obvious, that their story needs to be told not just as a series of quests, but as a campaign.

Valskyrr is the name of the region all of the events of Mistfall take place in. It’s a cold and harsh land, filled with dangers and threats greater than ones that existed there before. So it seemed rather obvious, that the story of this land and the heroes and monsters inhabiting it should be told under the title that encompasses both the region and its people.

The Creation

Mistfall is a complex game, and one that has a built-in character development system, player will get to make use of during each separate quests. In fact, part of the challenge is to know when and how to strengthen one’s Hero, so that the unlocked abilities come into play exactly when they are needed the most.

For that reason, I knew from the start that any campaign rules must be easy to implement and lighter on the rules. There’s already a lot going on in Mistfall, and adding more layers of complicated rules would make the gameplay too cumbersome. The expansion thus needed to make minimal modifications, use patterns already established, and naturally build upon what players learned during a standard game of Mistfall.pic2585255

The Realization

Valskyrr thus comes in a deceptively small box. 55 cards, a sheet of rules, short setup instructions, and a number of simple to keep track of modifications allow players to almost seamlessly upgrade their standard game of Mistfall into a campaign experience. Now, instead of playing each game as a standalone adventure, they can combine four quests into a single, consistent story.

Offering prevalence in Hero development, Valskyrr also introduces new tricks for players and for the Mists themselves. Building a four-part saga, players are able to make use of Legacy Feats – extra abilities added to their personal decks during each of the Quests, and something they might need to prevail against tougher Enemies, and tougher bosses.

The Expansion

But Valskyrr is not only a micro-campaign, it’s also an expansion that can be used regardless of the mode of play. Each of its elements can be used separately, to make single games easier or more challenging, or to simply give players new options.

So, those looking for a tougher fight may exchange the standard Enemies with the versions provided by the expansion, and add a Setting card (or two, if they are feeling very brave), to make the Mists even more nefarious.

On the other hand, those looking for a slightly easier game – or who wish for greater versatility in what their Heroes will be able to do – may opt to incorporate the Legacy Feats into any of their games, now being able to use a little bit of the arsenal previously unavailable to their chosen Hero.

And if you’re having any doubts, the story of Mistfall does not end with Valskyrr…

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2 thoughts on “The Valskyrr Adventure

  1. I can’t wait to pick this up. I watched Ricky Royal play this game and immediately fell in love with the base game.
    The great artwork, the in depth play and card interaction; it’s an amazingly fun and well put together experience.

    I wonder, with this first expansion, if there are any plans to do something similar to what Mage Knight did, and include the corrected text cards for the base game.
    I think that would really add to the desirability of this expansion. I’m excited about it anyway, but I have heard a lot of talk of people waiting for a second printing to pick up the base game, so they have the corrected cards. This might provide some added incentive to buy now and start enjoying this instant classic.

    Thanks for this awesome expansion, I can’t wait!!!

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