The Paladin will protect your cards!

If you’ve been following the NSKN Games Blog, then you know I have been talking about protecting your games from the regular wear and tear. Talking, however, is not really enough. Together with the rest of the NSKN Team we also wanted to actually do something, and so, Paladin Card Protection was born. Step right up, for I have a few splendid things to share.

Paladin Card Protection, as the name suggests, is a line of sleeves created for gamers (that is: for you) by gamers (that is: us). We have over a thousand games between the members of the NSKN Team – some of them out of print or difficult to find. Plus, we also share an average of 0.5 OCD-like syndroms when it comes to keeping our games close to pristine. And since accidents did happen in the past, sleeving is something all of us do.

Getting the perfect type of sleeve is impossible. Everyone has their own idea. Some like sleeves with coloured backs, other like them clear. Some like them thick as a brick, others like them to be as thin as humanly possible. We wanted sleeves that would stand the test of time, but also ones that would not make your cards quadruple their original thickness, so that you can still manage your decks (or handle them, if your hands are not huge).

This is why we went with a formidable thickness of 90 microns. It’s a premium thickness, placing Paladin protectors right up there with the best of them. The problem with many of the best is, however, that with increased thicknes and the durability of the protective layer, the sides have a tendency to split. Well, let’s just say we’ve taken this problem into consideration when working on our line of sleeves:

What the video does not show you is that our sleeves come in packs of 55. This way, you’ll rarely be one or two sleeves short for your tournament deck with just a single Paladin packet – or have to buy an extra pack just to sleeve those pesky ten extra cards in your new board game. Plus, going to 55 is like going to 11 – only five times better.

Finally, to properly show how tough and durable our sleeves are, we decided to name them properly, after the knights of the Round Table. Arthur, Gawain, Tristan, Percival and Galahad can now protect your game from harm. You’ll have to admit it’s undeniably cool.

So, if you want to get in on a great deal on Paladin Card Protectors, you can follow this link, and join the kinghts on Kickstarter. Plus, did I mention that shipping is free wherever you live? Well, that’s true shipping is absolutely free – and that may arguably be even cooler than the names we came up with for our protectors.

Are you with us?

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