The Glory of Odin

Last time we had Krzysztof Zięba, the designer of In the Name of Odin, tell you his experiences with looking at published copy of his first game. This time, I am here to provide you with the experience of taking a look at the game itself.

The first thing many look at, are the miniatures. As you can see above (and at the end of this post), Odin’s Vikings stand as a legion, ready to raid and plunder for you.

Odin_10Before you play the game, you’ll have to take a look at the rulebook. As you can see, I cheated, as I already knew how to play, and how to set up the game, without looking at the final rules.

If you’re not familiar with In the Name of Odin‘s gameplay, what you should probably know first, is that the game revolves around Raids. The cards you see above in the centre) are Raid cards, that – when collected – provide you with glory needed to win.


To raid, you will need a ship. A Sailor Viking stands above a display of only a fraction of different ships you’ll be able to build during the game.

Odin_05Raiding is not everything, as you will also construct buildings in your village. Those buildings will provide you with some glory at the end of the game (just like some ships), but they will also give you access to their special abilities, which… allow you to raid more effectively. Okay, raiding is everything then!

Odin_07Do you see the three symbols on the Raid cards? They show you how many Vikings and of what type you will need to successfully finish a Raid.

Odin_01Your shield-brothers and shield-sisters stand ready to brave the high seas under your lead. With their aid, you can become the one that succeeds the new Jarl and become ruler In the Name of Odin.


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