Why U No Random?

The title of this post is not entirely truthful, as it would be a lie to say that the games we design and/or publish are completely solvable. Randomness is there, but the way we implement it is an element of a specific design philosophy… and of our personal tastes.

The Horror!

While it took me some time, I finally got to see Stranger Things, and I loved it. It gripped me right from the start, and did not let go until the search for a small town boy that vanished on his way home from a Dungeons & Dragons game reached its conclusion.

Random Road to Adventure

When the realm of adventure game was ruled by Talisman, grabbing dice and strapping in for a wild, mostly uncontrollable ride was the standard. Thirty years after the magical quest game first hit the shelves, cardboard adventuring seems very different. But is it really?