Simurgh: Daily Dragon III

Welcome to Day Three of our Daily Dragon series! The third unique dragon you’ll meet when playing Simurgh is waiting for you below. Today’s mighty creature comes with a theme. What is the theme, I hear you ask? Opportunities. And a little bit of tough choices.tile58Despite its fearsome exterior, this dragon can be a sweetener. Both its leftmost and centre abilities work only at a specific moment – and it’s when you give up a Spearman (left), or a Dragonrider (centre). So, if you’re planning on doing something spectacular and paying a truly high price, why not take the opportunity, to make the hard exchange even more lucrative? It’s never easy to make your work force smaller – but this dragon will help you maximize your gain, should you decide to go with this risky course of action.

The third ability provides you with an option to instantly exchange one of your Dragonriders for a tempting cache of resources. You can make the deal even more tempting, if you decide to take advantage of this dragon’s centre ability, while you’re giving up a Dragonrider. And no matter how valuable a Dragonrider is, exchanging it for a pile of seven resources – at just the right time – might make for the difference between victory and defeat.

Still hungry for more? Come back tomorrow, and we’ll have another Daily Dragon for you!

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