Simurgh: Daily Dragon II

Having introduced one of the dragons of Simurgh yesterday, we continue our journey, taking a closer look at another dragon at the disposal of ancient noble houses struggling for dominance over the White City, under watchful eyes of the Dragonlord statue.

tile50The above unique beast possesses transformation abilities, similar to those appearing on many of the game’s Action Tiles. The crucial difference here, however, is that the player may use any (or indeed – all) of these abilities not only within a single turn but also without spending a single of their Vassals, the only limit being the Dragon Ability markers.

While not being as versatile as yesterday’s dragon, this Simurgh opens up lucrative opportunities – or simply allows the player not to waste resources (as they have to discard anything they cannot keep at the end of their turn). The leftmost and rightmost abilities allow the player to expend meat and stone, transforming them directly into Power Points – which decide who wins each game. The middle ability allows the player to do almost the opposite – to take a step back to get those few last resources needed to complete a more complex action, or to simply pull off a quick combo, if the tile is pulled close to the endgame.

Do you want to know more? Tune in tomorrow for another Daily Dragon of Simurgh!

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