Simurgh: Daily Dragon I

With Essen Spiel being a mere week away, we’d like to show you a little more of the ins and outs of Simurgh – our newest and hottest game, which will have an early release during the fair. During the next few days we will present you with some of the mighty titular dragons, showing off both their spectacular artwork, and demosntrating the game mechanisms that they introduce.

tile53As every dragon in Simurgh, this maginificent creature brings into the game three unique abilities, each of them exclusive to the player who owns the dragon tile. Whenever a player wants to take advantage of an ability, they remove an ability marker from its socket. Thus, until refreshed, each ability can be used once at a time.

The first dragon we present is deceptively simple to use. Its leftmost ability allows the owning player to simply receive two vegetables. The other two are a bit more complicated, as they offer bonus resources: two extra Wisdom tokens when receiving Wisdom, and an extra Power Point when receiving Power Points. This allows a shrewd player to play around these abilities, making them useful over a well planned and executed sequence of turns.

Do you want to know more? Tune in tomorrow, for another Daily Dragon of Simurgh!

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