Simurgh: Daily Dragon IV

Welcome to the final part of our short series revealing the secrets of some of the dragons of Simurgh. With just three days until we head to Essen, bringing copies of Simurgh fresh off the printer, we have just enough time for one truly unique beast.


Although the centre ability of this dragon is one of the simplest and easily least impressive, the other two make up for it in spades – or will make up for it, if a player is willing to use them at just the right time.

The leftmost ability allows a player to make a double movement on an Exploration Tile, which may be hugely beneficial, as this type of tiles do not simply feature resource or transformation spaces, instead making players race in order to gain Power Points and valuable bonuses. However, each movement on such a tile comes with a cost, and players are usually restricted to performing the move once per turn. Using this ability allows them to ignore this restriction, which may be absolutely crucial, as only one Dragonrider may ever reach the final space of an exploration.

The rightmost ability can be so powerful, that its use is restricted to once per game, as shown by the crossed Dragon Ability symbol. It allows the player who is in the process of placing a new Objective Tile on the board to exchange one of the tiles already on the board with the new one. This not only creates new rules of scoring, but also removes some of the previously established ones, which in turn may become a real game changer.

This concludes our Daily Dragon series. Simurgh will debut at Spiel 2015, so if you’re around Essen next week, come see us at Hall 1, booth G-124. See you there!

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