Shadowscape Showcase

Although Shadowscape’s Kickstarter campaign is not over yet, some of the backers of our previous Kickstarter have already received early copies of the game. This resulted in a very lucky occurence: we can show you a set of photos of actual Shadowscape, all by the amazingly talented Doctor Meeple.The first thing you come in contact with is the box. Here’s a look at the unpacked contents of both Shadowscape, and the Heroes of Mistfall Miniaures Pack:

Photo by Doctor Meeple.
Photo by Doctor Meeple.

Next, let’s have a look at the tokens:

Photo by Doctor Meeple.

Shadowscape is primarily a card game, so you should not be surprised to see a lot of card in the box:

Photo by Doctor Meeple.

Finally, there is also the board created randomly each time you play. And, with Heroes of Mistfall there are also some cool minis to move around:
Photo by Doctor Meeple.

Care to try the game for yourself? We have a free Premium Print & Play. Plus, you can get the whole deal (and a nice cache of Stretch Goals) at the Shadowscape Kickstarter page.

So, see you there? 😉

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