Shadowscape: A Time for Answers

We are within the last 48 hours of the Shadowscape Kickstarter, and – as you might expect – things are moving fast. At nearly 1000% funded (yes, that is thousand, and not a typo), we decided to answer some questions live yesterday night. I know that not everyone was able to join, and since only a part of the stream is now available on Kickstarter, I decided to compile some Shadowscape and Deeper Dungeon info in one place. Let’s dive in!

Deeper Dungeon Box

It’s a very strange thing to say – even stranger when you say it days before your Kickstarter campaign ends – but we ran out of Stretch Goals some time ago. The final Stretch Goal used to be a box to hold all of the unlocked gaming goodness, officially making them a Shadowscape expansion. However, we’re not planning for it to go into retail: much like Limited Stretch Goals from previous campaigns, it will be available for some time from us directly at conventions, and from the BGG Store. What will you get in the box?

All of the Stretch Goals, which include new dungeon rooms, new equipment, and new Action Cards for all 13 Heroes. Apart from that, Deeper Dungeon also introduces Allies and Events: two new types of cards to spice up your cooperative and competitive games. Plus, new rooms come with new Shrines, which will add even more flavour and opportunities to your games.

The Deeper Dungeon box.
The Deeper Dungeon box.

Digital Stretch Goals

Well, I said that the Deeper Dungeon box used to be the final Stretch Goal, but now it’s not. We decided to add digital content: a set of scenarios and a digital mat. We decided to go with downloadable content for a simple reason: we need time to properly develop it, which would make it impossible to have the scenarios ready before it’s time to go to print. And we really, really don’t want to rush it, and give you half-baked stuff.

Naturally, we ran out again – and this time, we did not add anything extra. We did, however, make a promise that anything we manage to crank out during further development of Shadowscape expansions we will simply add to the digital content promised. This includes new variants, new board setups, and (most probably) a team play mode, which some fans and backers have been asking about.

The Future of Æstemyr

We were also asked about where the world of Mistfall, Heart of the Mists and Shadowscape is going, and we decided to reveal a bit of what we’re planning.

Firstly, we are in an early design & development stage of a massive dungeon crawler / adventure game in the world of Æstemyr. Right now it is still a collection of narrative ideas and mechanisms we will be testing, modifying and (some of them) trashing, but one thing is certain: within two years from now, we will give you an opportunity to pledge for a great cooperative narrative adventure.

Secondly, Æstemyr will also grow as a world both in terms of lore, as well as in terms of new products. We are planning for some smaller games in a nearer future, and I am hoping we’ll be able to both surprise and excite you with our new ideas. However, a time to reveal those ideas is not yet upon us. It will be soon, though.

The Here and Now

As I said in the beginning, we are nearing being 1000% funded. The Shadowscape Kickstarter has surpassed our wildest expectations, and if you want to get in on it while it is still happening, simply go here, and help us go even further.



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