Returning to the Paladin

The Paladin is back! With its Kickstarter campaign already after its halfway mark, all of the sleeves that became a part of our portfolio are there, now expanded with a few additions.

The first season of Paladin took us all a bit by surprise. We knew from the start that the idea of making our own sleeves – a brand created and maintained by us gamers, hence tailor-made for those with similar gaming needs – was a good idea. However, we did not know how good exactly. And it turned out pretty great.

This time around, we came in with a slightly different approach. With 17 types of sleeves already in our portfolio, we knew we had to look at possible stretch goals with a higher degree of flexibility, but also with caution. We also needed something new, so there was a day 1 addition which sparked a lot of interest:

Among many questions asked during the first project, we had those concerning matte sleeves. We knew that we wanted to offer them to our backers, so we chose from the most popular options those that seemed most useful, and came up with an assortment of five essential colours many users of the Percival sleeve would probably use. It did not take long for our amazing backers to help us add more colours via stretch goals:

And speaking of stretch goals, there are already new sizes of sleeves available, and even more new one coming up, as well as new ones coming up. Still, it feels like we were once again taken by surprise with the level of interest of gamers looking for card protection that is both solid, and at a good price.

With the list of stretch goals growing we are now looking into a different direction. A new type of sleeve (matte with a coloured back) allowed us to revisit the issue of sleeve binging. Each layer of our protectors is 90 microns – a thickenss we did not want to go beyond due to stackability of sleeved deck, and due to the binding becoming weaker. However, with the new materials used for matte sleeves, we are now preparing to put this type of a component upgrade on the stretch goal list, confident that we can deliver the same high quality backers of the first season of Paladin came to enjoy and appreciate.

Finally, while it’s a bit hard to review sleeves like one reviews games, we nonetheless got mentioned by one compulsive sleever. So, if you want to learn about a few games, while also finding out how using Paladin Card Protectors feels, here’s a video that start with the review of our sleeves. Enjoy!

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