Reaching the Horizon: The Name of the Game

With over 1000 backers, Exodus: Event Horizon has unlocked over 25 Stretch Goals during the first half of the Kickstarter campaign. Today Rainer Åhlfors, Event Horizon’s lead designer tells you about the name of the expansion – and about the titular scenario.

Event Horizon

The name Event Horizon was the working title for this expansion from the very beginning, as early as November of 2015, when only 3 modules had been remotely imagined.

Why? Not sure. The name seemed natural and thematic, and it sounded good.

In science, an event horizon is the “surface” of a black hole, the boundary beyond which nothing can escape from within it. Occasionally, though far less commonly, the term event horizon is used to describe an especially impactful event, a “point of no return” beyond which nothing will ever be the same again.

Being the name for this expansion, the name has certainly gained several different meanings over time. The sudden return of the Centaurians was certainly an event horizon that forever changed the story of Exodus, an event which could possibly spell permanent extinction of humanity. The name printed on the Centaurian Stronghold is “Horizon” (albeit written in an alien type font). And so forth …

But, somehow, it would feel wrong not to build a scenario around the scientific meaning of an event horizon.

Oh, wait! The actual Proxima Centauri star is not massive enough to transition from a star to a black hole. It will never go supernova. Instead, in its post‐main‐sequence phases, a small red dwarf like Proxima Centauri will grow hotter while remaining physically small as it transitions to a blue dwarf. Eventually, as the fuel runs out, the star will slowly fade away as a white dwarf. Oops!

Event Horizon … the scenario

As you may recall from the information provided about the Centaurian Stronghold scenario, all modules are compatible with that scenario, except the Proxima Centauri module. Additionally, the Centaurian Stronghold scenario can only be played cooperatively, semi-cooperatively, or solo.

The Event Horizon scenario specifically makes use of the Proxima Centauri module. Additionally, this scenario represents a new challenge mode for competitive play in Exodus: Proxima Centauri.

A quick reminder about the Proxima Centauri module:

The 6 planet hexes immediately adjacent to the Proxima Centauri hex are affected by Solar Wind. A player who has researched relevant Technologies can take advantage of the Solar Wind to increase the combat prowess of their ships.

When combined with second-tier cannons and shields, the Solar Booster Technologies will keep your ships on par with ships equipped with top-tier cannons and shields, but only in the vicinity of the star. Cost wise, you end up paying more CP than Phasium for the same relative power. On the other hand, top-tier Upgrades will function anywhere on the board.

Of course, top-tier cannons and shields, when combined with Solar Booster Technologies, are unmatched in strength among ships, and deservedly so, considering the premium cost paid for such power.

In general terms — all rules for Exodus: Proxima Centauri remain unchanged. If you are playing with Edge of Extinction or Event Horizon, all those rules also remain unchanged.

There is just one significant difference when playing Event Horizon scenario — while the maximum number of Turns remains unchanged, the game may, somewhat unexpectedly, end sooner.

At the end of each Turn, you will add 1 Star Evolution token to the central Proxima Centauri hex. If there are two or more tokens on the hex (meaning, at any point after Turn 2), you will then roll a die. If the result is equal to or less than the number of Star Evolution tokens in play, the star evolves. In other words — the further the game progresses, the more likely it is that Proxima Centauri will evolve.

The first time Proxima Centauri evolves, Increased Heat tokens will be placed on each of the 6 planet hexes immediately adjacent to the Proxima Centauri hex. From now on, Solar Wind also affects all hexes immediately adjacent to any hex with an Increased Heat token.

The second time Proxima Centauri evolves, the game immediately ends!

In a standard game, there is a small chance (11%) that the game will end immediately at the end of Turn 3. However, most games will last 6 or 7 Turns. Even if the game plays for the full 7 Turns, Proxima Centauri is guaranteed to evolve at least once.

Until Proxima Centauri evolves the first time, remember that at least 2 more Turns will remain. This means that the end of the game will never come as a complete surprise.

If the somewhat random game length is not for you, no worries. You can play with the Proxima Centauri module, enjoying the full effects of Solar Wind, without having to play the Event Horizon scenario. (In 5-6 player games, you can even use the Increased Heat tokens.)

More details on the upcoming content of Exodus will appear in further updates on the Exodus: Event Horizon Kickstarter project page. If you would like to join over 1000 people who decided to support the Kickstarter campaign, and help us make the game better, click any of the images in this post (or click here), and pledge for your own copy of this legendary expansion!

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