Reaching the Horizon: Communication and Control

Exodus: Event Horizon‘s Kickstarter is on the final 10 days stretch, having unlocked a wealth of Stretch Goals, making this newest, modular expansion even more customizable, and offering an even more varied experience. To give you more details we once again give the floor to Rainer Åhlfors, the lead designer of Event Horizon.

Jump Gates

Event Horizon introduces the concept of a new type of component — structures. Jump Gates are utility structures which can be created with a Build Ships Action. However, you may not build more than 1 Jump Gate per Build Ships Action. Even though Jump Gates are constructed using the Build Ships Action, they do not count as ships.

Jump Gates never move and cannot be destroyed. When built, a Jump Gate can be placed on the player’s Home Planet hex or in any other hex where the player has one or more ships.

A player can never place a second Jump Gate in a hex where they already have a Jump Gate. However, Jump Gates belonging to separate players can be present in each hex.

At the end of any Conquest Stage, each player may activate one of their Jump Gates to move one or more of their ships from a single hex anywhere on the board to the hex occupied by the Jump Gate.

While they do not serve as a replacement for faster drives, the obvious movement benefits they provide cannot be denied. You may be tempted to place one Jump Gate on your Home Planet and the second Jump Gate in the hex farthest away from your Home Planet. Even though this is a certainly a useful strategy, there are several other placement possibilities which give you a greater tactical advantage.

Tips for Using

Jump Gates appear simple and straightforward, but require forethought and planning. You must consider your overall strategy, as well as the strengths/weaknesses of the other players, where they are seated around the board, proximity to desirable planets, your own drive speed, etc., etc. …

The more players (i.e. the larger the board), the more useful Jump Gates become. However, since you only have access to two, their placement becomes even more important to consider the larger the board is. They are not a must for every game or every player.

By the time you wish you had a Jump Gate, it is too late.

Communication Satellites

Like Jump Gates, Communication Satellites are utility structures which can be created with a Build Ships Action. The same building restrictions apply here: you may not build more than 1 Communication Satellite per Build Ships Action and they do not count as ships.

The first Satellite you build must be placed on your Home Planet hex. Each subsequent Satellite must be placed adjacent to a hex where you already have a Satellite. Once placed, Communication Satellites never move and cannot be destroyed.

The owner of the Satellite deals +1 damage when involved in combat which takes place in the hex. Additionally, the owner of the Satellite receives a +1 bonus to range when launching any WMD from that specific hex.

Communication Satellites serve an obvious defensive purpose, since they must first be built on your home planet. On the other hand, since the first Communication Satellite must be built on your home planet, you will most likely only benefit from its bonus to WMDs, if at all. This may discourage some players from building that first Satellite.

Remember, however — if you never build that first Satellite, you cannot build a second, or third …

The more Satellites you have, the more useful they are.

How will you use them? Will you set up a defensive Satellite network around your home planet? Will you string them along as you towards the center of the board? Will you use them more aggressively, as a boost to help attack (or defend against) your neighbors? Will you mainly use the Communication Satellites for their combat bonus, or will you also use them along with WMDs for a more aggressive approach, perhaps even as a deterrent against your opponents?

Jump Gates become more useful at higher player counts. Communication Satellites will become less useful at higher player counts (since they can only be placed in somewhat close proximity to your Home Planet). Together, they cater to a variety of play styles, especially for seasoned players.

More details on the upcoming content of Exodus will appear in further updates on the Exodus: Event Horizon Kickstarter project page. If you would like to join in and help us make the game better, click any of the images in this post (or click here), and pledge for your own copy of this legendary expansion!

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