Reaching the Horizon: Centaurian Stronghold

Exodus: Event Horizon has reached 400% of its fudning goal on Kickstarter, while also coming close to unlocking the Centaurian Stronghold scenario (and mode of play), which seems like one of the most awaited innovations introduced by the newest Exodus expansion. Here’s an introduction to the new content by its designer Rainer Åhlfors himself:

The Centaurian Stronghold — Introduction

So, after a long absence, the Centaurians have returned. In terms of the Exodus story line — this changes everything! This is an event horizon in terms of humanity and the relationship between humans and Centaurians. Let’s first clarify what the Centaurian Stronghold is and what it is not.

It is not just another module that Event Horizon includes.

It is not simply a scenario or an alternate objective.

It is not a required game mode. Your enjoyment of Event Horizon is not diminished if you never play the Centaurian Stronhold scenario.

So, what is it then?

Component wise, you get one new hex (depicting the alien megastructure itself), 18 Warship Squadron tokens, and 6 Stronghold Level tokens. This scenario also requires the use of all rules and components related to the Centaurian Resistance and Centaurian Outposts modules. You can freely choose to include (or exclude) any or all of the other modules presented in this expansion, except the Proxima Centauri module, which cannot be used.

If you have followed the journey of Event Horizon since the expansion was announced and the Centaurian Stronghold was first hinted at, it has always been mentioned as an “oh, by the way” part of a modular expansion. This was on purpose.

Now, there may be some who are drawn into the Exodus universe because of this scenario (and that’s fine; Welcome!), but it is also important for long-time fans of Exodus to understand that this scenario does not have to change anything. You can keep playing the game that you love, getting full enjoyment out of Event Horizon, without ever playing the Centaurian Stronhold scenario.

In terms of the design and development of this expansion, once the list of ten modules (all of which are now unlocked) had been finalized — at least on paper, though in various stages of game development — I was thinking if there was anything else this expansion could benefit from. There was already going to be so much new content, so many new aspects to enrich and enhance the game experience. What more could I possibly add? What is the craziest, most ridiculous, thing that could be added to Exodus?

This. The Centaurian Stronghold.

Exodus: Proxima Centauri is a highly competitive and grandiose 4X experience. It is an epic space opera, an empire building game. There is conflict, there is politics, there is intrigue … And now, there is the Centaurian Stronghold.

This scenario, with its humble component list, will enable anyone to play the full Exodus: Proxima Centauri game, in all its glory, any way they like — competitively, cooperatively, semi-cooperatively, or solo.

Basic Exodus, with or without expansions, is a competitive game. Exodus: Event Horizon was designed to enhance competitive play, to introduce new challenges and options for everyone.

Solo scenarios were introduced in Edge of Extinction (which all backers of this campaign will receive in digital form). Event Horizon does not alter or invalidate those scenarios. They will remain another way to enjoy Exodus solo. The Centaurian Stronghold does, however, allow you to play the full game solo, mixing and matching modules from this expansion as you would for a multi-player game, with the game itself as your opponent.

And then there were those two other words — cooperatively and semi-cooperatively.

Exodus: Event Horizon, through the Centaurian Stronghold scenario, enables fully cooperative and semi-cooperative play in Exodus: Proxima Centauri.

This is not simply a variant. It is not just a tacked on resemblance of cooperative play. True cooperative or semi-cooperative play — the players against the game, or the players against each other and the game.

Had Exodus: Proxima Centauri been designed as a cooperative game from the beginning, this is what I imagine it would have been.

From a design point of view, this was a tremendous challenge! Designing a cooperative mode of play in a way that stays as true to the competitive game as possible, that has minimal impact on existing rules, and that, for all intents and purposes, is “the same game” as before … just cooperative instead of competitive.

Of course, completely avoiding changing any rules is impossible. We are, essentially, talking about different games with completely different objectives and challenges. However, every effort was made to make any such changes sensible and easy to remember.

In the next several updates, we are going to take a closer look at specific aspects of this scenario. Tomorrow, I will address the Stronghold itself along with the other components used. After that, we will look at “Fully Cooperative Play” and “Semi-Cooperative Play” separately. Finally, I will cover how solo play will work.

Event Horizon contains ten different modules, all of which are compatible with one another and can be used together or individually. In this expansion you will find more Bonus Actions, a reimagined Centaurian Resistance which scales in both threat and reward throughout the game, and Centaurian Outposts which the players must neutralize. The expansion also places Exploration at the forefront of game play. You will find several exotic New Planets to explore and Proxima Centauri, the home star of the Exodus universe, makes an appearance. The expansion also adds Jump Gates, Communication Satellites, Energy Barriers, and lets the players employ powerful Leaders.

Oh, by the way — you can now also play this epic 4X game as a fully cooperative or semi-cooperative game now …”

More details on the Centaurian Stronghold, as well further information on the upcoming content of Exodus will appear in further updates on the Exodus: Event Horizon Kickstarter project page. If you would like to join in and help us make the game better, click any of the images in this post (or click here), and pledge for your own copy of this legendary expansion!

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