Parting the Mists

Since last time I wrote about Mistfall, I received some questions about the expansion, both as comments, and as (quite a big bunch) of emails and personal messages. And since I have a few pieces of art I’d like to show you, I will take this opportunity to expand on what Heart of the Mists will (or will not) be.

Will this be just a reskin of Mistfall?

Simply put: no. Heart of the Mists continues the story of the world of Mistfall, introducing new charcters, monsters, and a new region together with a set of new places to visit. Mechanically, it will give you four new Heroes to play with, three new decks of Regular Enemies, new Quests, new Gear, and more.


I don’t own Mistfall, will Heart of the Mists work for me?

Yes. Heart of the Mists is a standalone expansion, so all you need to play will come with the upcoming set. Complexity level wise it will probably clock in a bit higher than the base game, but not by much. And you will get an online “Learn to Play” guide for your first solitaire game, similar to the one already available for the Mistfall base game.

I own Mistfall, how much stuff will I be re-buying with this set?

Very little. Heart of the Mists will come with new Heroes, Enemies and Quests, none of which will be copied from the base game. As for elements like the Quest Charter they will not be simply ported from the base game. Some new mechanisms require incorporating them on the basic game elements, so I decided to make them different, to serve as a new challenge or an alternative to what you already own. Regrettably, you will still receive cubes identical to the base game. We will try to give you a different colour, though 😉

So, can I just mix whatever I want?

Yes. You can combine Enemies and Locations, use any Heroes in any Quests (old and new). Only some of the elements will require a bit more caution – like Gear, which gets a new set of rules in terms of Heroes receiving new loot – but generally, you’ll be able to use any elements you wish in any single game.

I didn’t like the rulebook, will I get a better one this time?

Yes. The rules are being completely re-written, and we will make them available online before the campaign starts in different draft forms, so that everyone can send us their feedback. Many people offered me insight during the last year, and I intend to make full use of anyone who wishes to help with creating a rule set for Mistfall.


Some first printing Mistfall cards had errors; will I get corrected card in print?

Yes, the Heart of the Mists expansion will include them. We are also working on making them available outside of the expansion, but I am not able to say anything definite yet. For now you can download them here.

What about cool loot? Am I getting more of it?

Yes. One of the systems that are going to change is rewarding Heroes for successfully completing Encounters. Heart of the Mists will not only introduce a satisfying number of new items to add to your deck, but also a more decision-based process of acquiring rewards, so that you will decide if and when your Hero receives one of their personal reward items.

The Mistfall rules and cards mentioned Allies. Am I getting Allies?

You most certainly are. This new mechanism will allow players to make use of new abilities and go on Quests with not only other Heroes, but also helpers and protectors offering their aid in a time of need. Mechanically, Allies will work a little bit like Enemies (some of them may even be converted Enemies), but controlled by players, and able to help in overcoming different types of threats.


Am I getting a campaign system similar to Valskyrr?

Not this time. A much more robust campaign is in the works as a possible separate (and big) expansion for the future. Much still depends on how everything pans out with Heart of the Mists, but I am working on tying both sets together (or just playing with one) into a massive storyline, during which both Heroes and Enemies will grow in power, and all Quests form a large, narrative story to play through. This, however, is something for a more distant future.

Okay, so what happened to the Mistfall world since the base game?

This is a story to be told in a separate post. For now, I can say that the Mists are far from being beaten, and are working with renewed strength. As their power grows, the world changes more than ever, bringing together places that had never shared a border before, unveiling new threats and leading to unlikely alliances. But, this is something for another time.

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