Paladin Card Protection: Tough as Nails

Barely two days ago I talked about our new Kickstarter project. As Paladin Card Protection is getting closer and closer to being fully funded, I’d like to show you a few of the videos our backers asked us to film. Be advised, their content may be too much for the faint of heart.If you’ve read the previous post, you’ve already seen one of the videos, where the side binding was put to the test. Since then, we were asked to show people how our sleeves withstand more abuse – so we did.

Paladin vs. a Knife

Firstly, I’d like to show you what happens to the card, when you cut a Paladin sleeve protecting it. To demonstrate the consequences of this heinous action, I actually had to perform it myself. Here’s the outcome:

As you an see, although the Paladin has been seriously wounded, the protected card was unharmed. This is probably why another test was proposed.

Paladin vs. Hot Water

This time I was aksed to demonstrate how cards sleeved with Paladin Card Protectors behave when shuffled, but I was also dared to show how well a protected card does when partly submerged in water. The awful calamity befell the Paladin in this video:

As you can see once again, the Paladin prevailed, and managed to fully protect the card.

So, if you’re up for getting yourself the protection a true gamer needs, you can follow this link, and make the Paladin knock at your door in a few months.

Paladin vs. Brutality

Just to wrap this up (and in case you’ve not seen it yet), here’s the first durability test video, featured in the previous post:

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