Paladin Card Protection: Make the Impossible Sleeve Possible!

As you may know, we are in the process of launching Paladin Card Protection, our own brand of premium card sleeves. As the Kickstarter project is still up – being over 280% funded with 9 days still to go – we are gathering data from backers and Board Game Geek users about games you simply cannot buy sleeves for. But what makes a game remain impossible to sleeve?

The simplest answer is: the lack of properly sized card protectors, which in turn is a consequence of the publisher using a unique card size. After all, every card size used to be unique at the first stage of its existence, until somebody decided to produce the right sleeve for the card. In fact, you don’t really have to be ancient to remember the time when people would cut CCG/Poker-sized sleeves in half to protect their precious copies of Through the Ages.

Today, you can find sleeves for most games, but “most” is still far from “all”. The truth is, that it will always stay that way, but with the Paladin Card Protection brand we’re going to try to make at least some of the unique cards “sleevable”.

Manufacturing the right size of sleeve is usually not a problem. Excluding some outliers (usually absurdly large), any card can be sleeved, and any kind of protector can be made. The problem with actually making them is the minimum quantity that needs to be manufactured in one production run. This is exactly why a single, seemingly popular game, may remain with its cards “naked” for long months – or its entire lifespan.

The situation gets even more difficult if a game’s production run is so small that the total number of cards between all copies manufactured is lower than the minimum number of sleeves that can be produced in a single run. However, the largest and most popular games can also suffer the same problem, if they are mainly bought by casual gamers, who simply don’t care for proper preservation of their games.

All that being set, we want to make a few more sleeve sizes, and go beyond what other brands offer. However, we will need your help. We’ve started a Geek List on Board Game Geek, where users can come propose new sleeve sizes, and vote for ones already added by others. So, one way of finally getting sleeves for a game you’d like to protect is to come to BGG and help us gather the required data. If you’ve missed the previous links, here’s one that will take you to the Geek List directly.

Another option is simply visiting the Paladin Card Protection Kickstarter project. A pledge of $1 is enough to leave us some feedback – and you can also support us and get some really great sleeves of the popular, as well as (with stretch goals already unlocked) less poplar sleeve sizes.

Are you irritated with having one of your favourite games sleeveless? Now you can do something about it!

Finally, just as a tiny bonus (and filmed at a request of one of our Kickstarter backers), here’s one of the newest Paladin Durability Tests. This time, with a bit of a… twist:

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