Odin’s Finest: Ragnar

Having unlocked this iconic Viking character in the In the Name of Odin Kickstarter campaign, it’s time we take a closer look at what he can do – and what his depiction on the final card will be. Meet Ragnar, the one who needs no introduction.


There are few, who do not respect Ragnar for his prowess in battle and for his bravery, and of those who do not, fewer still are stupid enough to say it aloud, out of fear that the hotheaded warrior might overhear it and challenge them to a duel, which they would be very unlikely to survive. When people from raided coastal towns say the word „Viking”, they mean Ragnar – or somebody very much like him.

It seems Ragnar can appear anywhere, where there is a chance of a battle occuring. He is not a reckless fighter though, and those who fight by his side can be sure of a safe return home, and will likely be happy to organise more raids soon, fuelled by Ragnar’s lust for adventure.

Ragnar by Quico Vicens
Ragnar by Quico Vicens


Ragnar’s ability is one of the most powerful ones in the game – it allows you to rearrange all of the Raid cards on the board before choosing your target, and then spend no Vikings to complete it. You will still need to face the unforeseen difficulties, but all the preparation you’ll need to do is with Action symbols in your hand.

A lot has already been said about how well a player can use the ability to change Raid cad positions on the board, so the only thing to remember here is that – as with similar abilities – this will either allow you to prepare the Raids exactly the way you need them, or exactly opposite to what your opponents would need. Either way, you’re getting an edge if you choose to sail with Ragnar.

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