Odin’s Finest: Ketil

Being a skilled warrior could make one famous among Vikings, but being able to perform other taksks could make a man indispensible. Today’s Viking Hero of In the Name of Odin is exacty this: a man of many talents, and each of them most useful.


Ketil is known to be a talented warrior, but he is famous for much more than just those skills. His boasts include leading a monastery raid in the west, sailing to the ports of the eastern rivers, and assisting in the building of the great settlement, Haithabu. Regardless of how many of these boasts are true, Ketil is known to be useful in almost any situation.

His reputation precedes him, for good or ill, because Ketil is also an avid mead drinker, and he often makes bets with other karls during drinking contests. He doesn’t lose often, but men wonder how many of his achievements are due to an overconfident bet.

Ketil by Victor Perez Corbella

AbilityKetil has a very straightforward special ability: he simply grants you each of the three action symbols once per round. When you choose to use them, he goes back under the Viking Hero deck like any other character, but it’s extremely easy for him to leave a lasting mark on your Village.

In a way being the embodiment of universal usefulness, Ketil is a great choice for a player who will plan their turn around the three extra symbols – or for one that will recruit Ketil on a whim, knowing that this Viking’s unique and universal talent will never go to waste.

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