Odin’s Finest: Halfdan

During your struggle for fame and glory, you will need allies – notable people ready to help you both on land, and at sea. Here’s the story of Halfdan: first of the Viking Heroes unlocked as a Stretch Goal during the In the Name of Odin Kickstarter campaign.


A warrior, sadly, cannot live on battle, sailing and fame alone. Halfdan understands this well, and those that join him on raids are always very well compensated. As a ring-giver, he is as gracious and open-handed as a leader of men can be – but he is also stern and demanding. Halfdan will reward you well for your services, people say, but you will have to work like an ox to earn it.

Still, there is no shortage of karls, well-to-do warriors and landowners, who flock to Halfdan’s mead-hall by the sea, and who are more than eager to join him on his travels. Those, who do, return with many a new arm-ring and exotic goods from far-away lands.

Halfdan by Quico Vicens
Halfdan by Quico Vicens

Hero Ability

Halfdan makes it much easier for a player to score high for a Raid, as he provides three symbols – one Craftsmanship and two Recruitment – that can be used to cancel some of the unforeseen difficulties on the way.

That alone makes this Viking Hero more than useful, if you’re planning a turn that only starts with a Raid, and continues into recruiting and building, as Halfdan will allow you to keep those precious symbols in your hand.

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