Odin’s Finest: Freyidis

With a presence and charisma that never goes unnoticed, Freydis joins our Viking Hero roster of In the Name of Odin. Let us tell you her story – and give you a glimpse at what she will make possible once she’s in your village.


Few men can match Freydis in her boasts. If she encounters a storm on her journey, all shall soon hear how skilfully she evaded the rage of the sea. When she trades, there’s no settlement that doesn’t hear of the goods she brought from overseas. And though she rarely partakes in battles personally, when she does stand in the shield-wall, rumours start flying about her Valkyrie blood.

With a quick wit, lively demeanour and strong head for mead, Freydis has no trouble gathering men and women and pointing them to a wealthy landowner who wishes to raid in the near future. Pay her well, and she might even encourage some of them to join your entourage…

Freyidis by Victor Perez Corbella
Freyidis by Victor Perez Corbella


Freyidis’ possesses a simple yet powerful ability: she allows you to receive four Vikings of a chosen type right after you complete a Raid. This means, that if you combine her with an improved ability to repair or return ships, or simply have two ships in your village, she might be the one that will make it easiest to raid twice on a single turn.

While Freyidis’ ability might seem quite situational, it is indeed rather versatile. It is true that she’ll be the greatest boon to the player who is moving in to snatch two Raid cards on one turn, but even to someone who abandons this idea, she will still make it easier to complete what they need before it’s time for them to act once more.

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