Odin’s Finest: Egil

Though some would like to see age as an obstacle and time as thief of all that makes a Viking what he is, there’s still much to be said for the truly cutting edge of experience. And if there ever was anyone who could prove this with their skill and mettle, it’s none other than Egil.


Egil is a shrewd sailor. While others may become starry-eyed and idealistic about sailing, he knows the sea for what it is – a ruthless force eager to crush a man’s dreams along with him. And in his long life he’s seen that happen on more than one occasion. Therefore he is known to visit taverns to hear rumours from lands close and far, and he pays good coin to be prepared before a journey.

Those who sailed with him say that Egil spends much time planning out each raid, trying to find the best way to reach his destination. His weather-watching skills allow him to avoid storms and his longship always returns to port in such good repair, that it seems it never left it in the first place.


Egil is one of the most powerful Heroes of In the Name of Odin, as his ablity allows him to not only avoid any damage to his longship, but also to switch positions of two Raid cards on the main board. And while the former ability seems more straightforward and always useful, the second one may turn out almost pivotal.

As the ability can be used either before or after choosing the Raid card, a player can either level any shortcomings of their ship (like having shorter range, or having range reduced by damage), use long range to its full potential (and score more points) or make a late change to the board situation, denying their opponents the option to reach a given Raid easily. Either way, Egil is a character more than worthy of your attention.

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