Odin’s Finest: Bard

It’s time to introduce another Viking Hero from the In the Name of Odin line up. This time we take a look at Bard – another character known for his skills on the sea, a skilful captain, and a reputed child of the Aesir.


It is said that Bard was conceived on a longship during a storm and born on a remote island, but nobody in his family ever confirmed it. While some call him Aegirsonn for that reason, after the master of the seas – Aegir, those who sail with him know Bard to be of the same flesh and blood as his clansmen.

He is an exceptional captain, and the rumours surrounding his parentage make him a popular choice with sailors young and old. After all, supernatural or not, Bard’s skills have proven to be more than a match for the sea’s fury many times in the past.

Bard by Victor Perez Corbella
Bard by Victor Perez Corbella


Similarly to Halfdan, Bard also grants the owning player a set of symbols that can be used during a Raid, allowing the player to either remedy a lack of specific cards in their hand, or save up on those symbols that will allow them to repair damage, bring the ship to port – or build a new vessel.

Although Bard’s ability may not seem as powerful as some other ones allowing for immediate repairs or ship returns, there a degree of flexibility to Aegirsonn that – when used with some skill and a little bit of luck – may give the player exactly what they need to make an impressive use of their turn.

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