Odin’s Finest: Aslaug

In a world of spear and sword, in an age dominated by strength and prowess, there are still those who rise up to become heroes in the eyes of their followers, never raising up arms against others. Meet Aslaug, an In the Name of Odin Viking Hero whose greatest weapon is her foresight and impressive wisdom.


Aslaug is a rarity among women – she is unwed, and yet she commands a village of her own and is called „chief” by many of her underlings. She is gracious with gold, and a wise ruler, and not a week passes by without some karl, young or old, trying to court her. She, however, is as independent as she is beautiful – and beloved by her people to boot.

As such, Aslaug never has to worry about recruiting eager warriors, traders and sailors to her cause, and men are always eager to provide her with support and resources. After all, she rewards everyone justly, and any leader who she deems worthy of her help will reap the benefits of Aslaug’s renown.

Aslaug by Shen Fei
Aslaug by Shen Fei


Being truly a unique character among the Viking Heroes of In the Name of Odin, Aslaug commands a special power that is different from all other: as long as her card is in your Village, your Action Card size grows to seven.

Especially in the early game, Aslaug is a tremendous asset. She will allow you to manage a hand of symbols that will hasten building and gathering Vikings – as well as open up a potential for being perfectly prepared for whatever a Raid might throw at you. Use her skill wisely, and she may become just the boon you need at a crucial moment of your game.

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