Odin needs you!

Our work on In the Name of Odin is proceeding at a steady pace, and we’ve reached a point at which we would want to involve you – our fans and backers – in the process of creating the rulebook. So, if you want to leave your personal mark on our newest game, take a look at what you can do below.

We’ve just made In the Name of Odin Draft Rules 0.4 available for download – and we’d like to know what you think. Any feedback would be great! You can simply give us a piece of your mind in an email (going directly to me: blazej.kubacki@nskn.net), or you can send a commented PDF as an attachment. Please note, however, that we will need to proceed with preparations rather swiftly, so – if possible – try to send in your comments not later than on Friday, March 18th.

One last thing: the file you’re about to download (or have downloaded already), is still missing a few images, including (but not limited to) a final player board and a general components overview. As the final player board is still in development, we will be adding it to the rules within a few days. This is why the draft rules still use the prototype player board as a placeholder. Also, please note that positioning of all elements is not final, as we will still have to move stuff around to fit in a few more images.

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