Name a World: a Shadowscape, Mistfall & Heart of the Mists Contest

There are many memorable fantasy universes. From Middle-Earth to Krynn, from Toril to Thedas, each is known under its own unique name. We thought it was time to give a proper name to the Mistfall universe, so we thought of a contest that would allow you to give it a name – and land a signed copy of Heart of the Mists with the Sand & Snow expansion.

The world of Mistfall started from Valskyrr: which from day one I envisioned as an icy land of stern folk, who stand fast against the Mists. Then it expanded into something almost completely oposite: the burning deserts of Naar with Heart of the Mists exploring the fiery devilry hidden beneath the deadly sand. From Frostvalley to Hammerhome, through the barbaric lands of Ravencrag and the treacherous Baronies of Blackwood, all has been known as simply “the world of Mistfall”.

Now you can change that forever. Here’s what you need to do:

First, close your eyes and think about best name for the perilous world of the Mists, and a home to the thirteen Heroes you have been reading about for the last two years. Think about a name that would define a world of wonder and horro, and when you have found the one true name… tell it to us. Specifically, go to our Shadowscape Kickstarter project page and leave a comment, proposing a name for the world of Mistfall and Heart of the Mists.

Now that you know, it’s time to talk about what you get out of it.


Well, it’s a contest (with detailed Terms and Conditions outlined here), so there are bound to be some winners. We can already see that competition is fierce, so the choice will not be easy. Still, on Tuesday, December 6th we will choose 3 names, and each of the Namegivers will receive a personally signed copy of Heart of the Mists together with the Sand & Snow expansion.

From the three, we will also choose one (or should I say: The One) to become the Highest Namegiver. Their proposition will become the name of the Mistfall world, from now on used in all official materials on the universe, its lore – and any future products.

Maybe you’re just in it for the loot, but even so, your chance to leave an undying mark on a world of wonder, horror and high adventure is now within your grasp. So, come on. Name a world.

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