Mistfall: Learn to Play

Mistfall: Heart of the Mists is slowly closing in, but before we start delving into the second chapter of this dark fantasy adventure, we have something for all of you who are already fans of the original Mistfall – and for those who are only planning to become fans themselves.

There is no doubt about Mistfall being a complex game, with many different mechanisms working at the same time. Learning and remembering everything Mistfall has to offer may seem like a daunting task, so I decided to make the first step a little easier.

Here you will find a document called “Mistfall: Learn to Play”. All you need to do is sit down to a solo game of Mistfall and take the guide with you, either as a printout or on your handheld device – and start on page one. The text will guide you through the setup and two full turns of a solitaire game, and tell you what you need to do afterwards, to be able to play the whole game.

As I have already said, the Heart of the Mists expansion is coming with completely new rules, and although it will fully integrate with the base game, it can also be played standalone. So, whether you’re an owner of Mistfall who has never had the chance to play the game, or you want to jump in with the “expandalone”, looking over the Learn to Play Guide might be worthwile.

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