Mistfall: A Nominated Effort

It’s been a little over a year since the first day of the Mistfall Kickstarter campaign – a moment which turned ou to be pivotal in my life as a designer and developer, and an important date for NSKN Games. So, it’s only fitting to give you some info on Mistfall’s future – and some news I’ve personally found incredibly satisfying.

Let me start with an announcement then. Mistfall found its way into the five finalists duking it out for the Best Immersionist Game of 2015 of the Cardboard Republic. And although it did not take the prize, just seeing my game with the nominee ribbon makes me quite proud, and for two reasons.

The first one is the category itself. Mistfall is a game of strategy and skill, but also a game that is deeply rooted in the world I started building a few years ago. It has its own stories, its own lore people found engaging a year ago, even as the game was still on Kickstarter. Making the game both strategically sound and thematic was one of the most important goals I’ve set out to achieve, and this nomination makes me feel that maybe, just maybe, I can tick this on my personal list.

mistfall-nomineeThe second reason is the company Mistfall keeps. Fallen, Bomb Squad, T.I.M.E. Stories, and the big winner Pandemic Legacy – are worthy opponents, and proof that even a small company that thinks big and is not afraid to reach far, can stand among the biggest and the mightiest. And on the off-chance the designers, developers or publishers of the other four are reading this: great job. It’s been an honour and a pleasure to stand among you.

Now, with the above still making me smile, here’s what some of you have been waiting for: some info on Heart of the Mists, otherwise known as the Big Mistfall Expansion. But before we start, if you haven’t seen the cover draft, just take a look:


Firstly, it’s going to be a standalone box, so you will get all you need to play if it’s your first step into the world of Mistfall. And if it’s not, you will get content you can fully integrate with the base game, and with minimal overlap – so you will be rebuying next to no cards or tiles from the base game (with elements like the Quest Charter being alternatives, and not copies).

Secondly, you’ll be getting all cards from the errata and a completely new rulebook that will have everything you need to play – and more. And with what we’re doing with the In the Name of Odin rulebook now turning out to work great (opening for comments from fans and backers – you can find more details here), we will be doing this again for Heart of the Mists.

Lastly, you will get some of the elements of the expansion as Print and Play – to test, to add to your copy of Mistfall, and to receive in the printed format in Heart of the Mists – or to keep if you decide not to go further into the world of Mistfall.

There are more things lined up: more Heroes, more Villains, more lore, a timeline update for the world – and you will get more information within the coming weeks. A new chapter is beginning for Mistfall, and I hope you are excited to delve into it. I know I am.

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