Kickstarting Shadowscape

Shadowscape is coming to Kickstarter on November 14th, and today’s post is here mainly to give you a heads up, as I have already written about the game, its conception, story and design goals in a two-parter, which you can find here (Part 1), and here (Part 2). If you want to quickly get to know what Shadowscape is all about, or get some info on the Kickstarter itself, you’ll find everything nicely summarized below.

What is Shadowscape?

Shadowscape is a mini-dungeon crawl game set in the rich universe of Mistfall and Heart of the Mists. It combines a fast and simple strategic game system with just enough randomness to make each 45-60 minute game a different experience.


The game in a nuthsell:

  • 1-4 Players, 45-60 minutes.
  • Includes competitve and copperative mode (which can also be played solitaire).
  • The dungeon is randomly built at setup, making every game play differently.
  • Players compete or cooperate to fulfil a set of random objectives.
  • Players can choose from a complete set of 13 Heroes introduced in Mistfall and Heart of the Mists, each with their own unique powers and abilities.
  • Each Hero can be further customized in game with new skills and equipment gained as the game progresses.
  • Players manage a tableau of double-sided skills, as well as a hand of Fate cards to outmanoeuvre other players, eliminate monsters, and fulfil objectives.
  • Simple and fast automated enemy movement makes the dungeon both alive and dangerous every turn.


Hero Miniatures

Upgrade your copy of the game with a set of 13 finely detailed miniatures for each of the iconic Heroes, which can also serve as an accessory to Mistfall and Heart of the Mists.

Premium Print and Play

Right from day 1 of the Kickstarter campaign, a premium Print and Play will be available, so you can start playing immediately long before a production copy arrives at your door!


Returning Backers

If you’re among the wonderful supporters who helped us bring Heart of the Mists to life, we will have a special offer for you, which will allow you to upgrade your copy of Shadowscape with a set of any Stretch Goals we manage to unlock during the campaign. You already have your game, now join us on November 14th, and help us make it even better for you!

Don’t miss the starting date: November 14th on Kickstarter.

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