It’s not all fun and games at NSKN. Sometimes it’s fun an binge eating, nicely wrapped up in tradition, and ended with an unexpected reminder. Do I have your attention? I certainly hope so…

Today is what we call “Tłusty Czwartek” (meaning “Fat Thurdsay”) in Poland. It’s an occasion not completely unknown around the world – but also not one for everyone to recognize (in fact, if you want to know more, you can go here). In short, it’s a day when sweets are eaten in excess, the most traditional here being the Polish donut. But being an international team we decided to skip the most obvious choice – and went for something a little different.

Karpatka_02What you see above is a piece of Karpatka – a traditional Polish cream pie, lovingly crafted by none other than Agnieszka herself. We though it would somehow be more fitting, since the pie’s name is connected to Carpathians (again, if you want to know a bit more, you can go here for some answers).

Karpatka_01As you can see, we had some fun – and something really, really good to eat. Karpatka (and a momet of respite) was enjoyed by the whole team, including the pie-maker herself:

Karpatka_03And so, under the watchful eye of our personal Maneki-neko we ate, rejoiced and formed battle plans.



And now that all of the Karpatka is gone, now that the skies have darkened and that the howling the wind brought with it a salty scent of stormy seas, we are getting ready once again. Soon you too wil see the longships on the horizon, as the Kickstarter campaign for In the Name of Odin is getting closer with every passing day.


Stay vigilant. The Norsemen are coming to fill this blog with sagas and stories from next week on.

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