In the Name of Odin: The Plan

With the Kickstarter campaign for In the Name of Odin finished, and some of the battle dust having finally settled, we’d like to tell you a little bit about our schedule for the game – and show off the minis you will be getting with the final product.

First and foremost, the 3D files of each of the three miniatures are all ready, updated first by our artists and then processed by the specialists from the mold manufacturing company. You can see below images with the final models:

Sailor, Warrior and Trader miniatures for In the Name of Odin.
Sailor, Warrior and Trader miniatures for In the Name of Odin.

We would also like to talk for a moment about our production timeline, so that you know not only how long it is going to take with In the Name of Odin, but also in other, similar games in general. Hence, we plan to deliver the final graphic files for printing by the end of the month. In the first half of April we should have the “draft” molds which may undergo a second iteration if the quality is not up to our expectations and at the same time the boxes, punch boards and all the other printed materials will be prepared.

We will then go and visit our manufacturers facilities and approve all items for mass production in person. By May the actual manufacturing process should be on the way. If everything goes according to our plan, we should get the game boxes by mid-June which will allow us to deliver in August as promised.

Finally, to all fans and backers, we would like to say: thank you once again for making this project such a tremendous success. We can be once again proud of what we all manager to achieve on Kickstarter. It’s been great, and hope to see you again in not too long!

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