In the Name of Odin: In Review

It has been some time since we Kickstarted In the Name of Odin, the first Viking game by NSKN, and the first game designed by Krzysztof Zięba. The process of making a prototype into a game is sometimes a long and laborious one, but if it ends up with a game like this one, it’s always worth it.

There’s a little bit of pride in saying: I played Odin first. Indeed, I was the first of the NSKN team to try it, back when it had a completely different name, when it looked completely different, but… already had its Viking theme.

Now many of you have already played In the Name of Odin, and it’s made its way into more than a few reviews, as well as a certain Top 100 games list. To be exact, it reached position #35 on Sam Healey’s Top 100 Games of All Time.

We knew that the Dice Tower crew liked In the Name of Odin, as we had seen their review a few months ago. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

There is a certain difference between a game that is simply good, and a game that becomes one of the best in somebody’s opinion, especially if that somebody has a game collection spanning over a few hundred boxes.

Simply put, this is what we were hoping for In the Name of Odin: dynamic and thematic gameplay, and a lasting power that makes it a part of your collection. If Odin is not yet a part of your collection, I think (although I may be a bit biased) that it should. And what are your thoughts? 😉



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