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It’s a pretty awesome feeling, seeing your own game (and your first game), do really great on Kickstarter, reach its backers – on time! – and then get to go on the same ride once again – at least emotionally – as when Mistfall was funding for the first time. It’s not even been a year since Mistfall went live on Kickstarter, and now it’s being crowdfunded again, this time in Poland. And it’s competing with Simurgh, which makes me feel a bit as if I were choosing a child I love more.

Okay, let’s start with the actual news, as this is what this post should be all about: Simurgh and Mistfall are (as I am writing these words) live on – a Polish crowdfunding site, one of two present on our market, and one that has already housed more than one Polish version of a great board game. You can find Simurgh here and Mistfall here.Mistfall_PL

Mistfall, funded and already chasing after its stretch goals, is being crowdfunded by Games Factory Publishing, who have already successfully introduced Dominion and Viceroy to the Polish market – and managed to do astonishingly well with Roll for the Galaxy (which has not yet been released). No surprise then, that it is looking more than promising.

Simurgh is not yet there, but (again, as I am writing these words) has picked up the pace, and is now moving in to close the gap between itself and its competitor. Launched by Baldar – a small but robust and brave publisher with a track record consisting of an excellent Polish edition of Cthulhu Realms – it is also going strong, and it is obvious that both our (NSKN’s) games will make their appearance on the Polish market.Simurgh_PL

As the designer of Mistfall, a man who helped Andrei Novac refine Pierluca Zizzi’s Simurgh design, as well as a co-designer of the Call of the Dragonlord expansion, I am tempted to let congratulations fly immediately. It is exciting to see two games from our company (and from a purely personal perspective: two games I was somehow involved with) do as well as they are doing in Poland. Especially, that merely a year ago I was simply a dude with a prototype in his pocket (big pocket, admittedly) and a bit of hope of seeing my work physically manifest on a gaming table.

Oh, and if you follow the links to campaigns and you are not Polish, please do not get intimidated by diacritics. They’re perfectly harmless, unless you feed them after midnight.


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