Heart of the Mists: The Misthuntress

The world of Mistfall has changed. New machinations of the nefarious Mists have transformed the lands and their inhabitants, new threats emerged, and new heroes are rising up to the challenge. Continuing the tradition started before Mistfall made its debut on Kickstarter, I present to you the story of the first of the new heroes featured in the upcoming Heart of the Mists expansion: Elatha the Misthuntress.

The Misthunters

Known as versatile warriors and trackers, the Misthunters can be found around the known world, always ready to find and eliminate monstrous threats spawned by the Mists. Not as specialized as archers of the Arcaneweave, not as heavily armoured as the Shieldbearers, the Misthunters are still able to often succeed where none other could, making up for the lack of arcane abilities with the skill to adapt and work effectively in varied environments and conditions.

Unlike the Shieldbearers of Frostvalley Keep, Misthunters are not as much a formal military organization with a single seat of power, as they are a fellowship with a network of companions spread around the known world. This made adapting to the world changed by the Mists easier for the Misthunters than for anyone else.

elatha the misthuntress

Elatha the Misthuntress

Although born on the southern border of Valskyrr, Elatha would never stay in one place for longer than a few weeks. Being the eldest daughter of merchant-explorer parents, she’d seen more of the world before she was eight, than most people see within a lifetime. Always self-reliant and headstrong, always taking care of her younger siblings, Elatha nonetheless could not see herself following in her parents’ footsteps; especially that she was drawn more to the sword, than to the map and coin.

With a family background such as this, and a natural skill for the bow and blade, becoming who Elatha is today seemed like almost a formality. After being apprenticed by an elderly Misthunter by the name of Sandrel for merely a few months, she was ready to face the enemies of mankind on her own, and merely a few months more made her name recognizable both in Naar and Valskyrr.

After the cataclysmic events that followed the Battle of Ravencrag, Elatha suddenly found herself far from where she had initially started one of her hunts. The Mists took her from the edges of a frozen forest right back to Red Sands. However, as it turned out quickly, the same happened to her prey: a young Kerathi noblewoman, and a suspected ringleader of a wyrm-worshipping cult Elatha is determined to take down. Now, having met some allies, she is more than ready to continue her pursuit.

Elatha as a Player Character

The Misthuntress is a curious mix of different skills, giving her the options to effectively (albeit not spectacularly) deal with opponents both at close range, and from afar. Her deck introduces two centre mechanisms: Traps and Marks; the former punishing Enemies for entering her Hero Area, and the latter making it easier for her (and sometimes for other Heroes) to rapidly convert damage into mortal Wounds.

Quite self-sufficient and well rounded, Elatha is a great Hero to play solitaire, but the range of her combat Feats, as well as Traps, make her a great choice when pairing her up with other Heroes. Not as specialized at deadly shots as the Arcaneweave Archer, she is nonetheless versatile enough to also work well as the Hero to take on your first adventure into the burning sands of Naar, or the cold wastes of Vaskyrr.

And here’s the Kicker…

Would you like to take this Hero for a trial run with your copy of Mistfall? If you’re interested, Monday the 25th is the date to wait for, as Elatha will become available for download. So, if you want to try out some of what is coming with the Heart of the Mists expansion, you can start here – and tell us what you think!

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