Heart of the Mists: The Greatest Challenge

With Heart of the Mists being in the centre of our attention after its Kickstarter campaign, today we present to you the final piece of Mistfall lore: two new villains and their stories. Do you have the courage to take them on?The Keeper

The Keeper is a partly mythical being, and up until his recent reappearance many believed him to be no more than a folk tale. Described as a giant skeletal figure wielding a sword, The Keeper was thought by many to be a godlike being, or a personification of neutrality and judgement. The truth is, however, more complex.

Once a warrior and an explorer, the Keeper’s name has been forever lost in the tides of time. What some of the most ancient and ambiguous texts tell of him today, is that he was a man determined to find out the true nature of the Mists, so that their threat could be dealt with forever. Yet, as he explored further and deeper into the lands taken by the malevolent force, both his mind and his body did not remain untouched, for the Mists can find a way to unlock the door barring the way into the mind of even the strongest individuals, and all they need is time.

The Keeper S

Some believe that The Keeper became what he is now as punishment for his unparalleled hunger for knowledge. Others believe that it was his relentlessness in achieving his goal that brought him too far. Most scholars agree, however, that he did eventually find the knowledge he had been seeking, but that the journey itself consumed him in the process.

Headstrong and unyielding, The Keeper was nonetheless transformed, the Mists allowing him to witness their greatest secret, while binding him to it as a guardian of what he had so much craved for. However, as he still retains parts of his former self, The Keeper still resists the corrupting power, hanging on to what is left of his original purpose.

Now, having gathered enough energy to breach back into the lands of men, The Keeper awaits the heroes able to best him, so that the secrets that lie beyond the Black Gate can be revealed. And while the power of the Mists holds enough sway over his current form to make him stand against whoever wishes to walk through the door to the Heart of the Mists, his appearance may be humanity’s greatest chance of winning back the world half-devoured by what seemed like indomitable and unrelenting darkness.

Velkar the Devourer

The story of Velkar almost mirrors that of The Keeper. Similarly little is known about him, as he was once a man whose hunger for knowledge and power was only matched by his desire to remain unnoticed by those who would work to foil his plans.

Believed to have been a Duskbearer priest once, he has since left the shadowy path of the Nightfather to step into the black madness of the Mists, embracing their gifts willingly, wholeheartedly, and deliberately. Melded with the darkest energies of the Mists, Velkar has become one with the Mists, becoming the only living being fully aware of the oldest and darkest chapter of their history.

Velkar S


Once proud children of Dawn and Dusk, and struck down by their father’s fiery rage, the Firstborn where not annihilated. Their suffering and anger remaining in the ashes of their violent demise, the Firstborn’s souls melded together, giving birth to the corrupting power known as the Mists. Their torment and lust for vengeance fuelled by the divine might that destroyed them became the power able to sow destruction, and corrupt everything in its path.

After reaching the Gorge – a cursed place where Nightfather’s hands had struck the world to annihilate his children – Velkar became an unspeakable, malevolent abomination, and the source of the corrupting power of the Mists. The will of the Firstborn is now his will, and as he grows in power, the day the world will die tormented the way the first children of the gods died seems closer than ever before.

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