Heart of the Mists: Melekai, the Duskbearer

The next chapter of Mistfall introduces new threats and new enemies. The world is more dangerous and more unstable than ever before, which calls for new and unexpected alliances. And with that, let me introduce Melekai, a priest of the Nightfather, and a new hero of Heart of the Mists.


Just as Dawn has her priestly orders, so does Dusk, albeit smaller in number and much less known. Since the time the Nightfather decided to withdraw from the world, revoking the power he would bestow upon his beastly creations, many thought that his grasp on the world was reduced to nothing. However, there were still some, who would retain the link to their god.

While the old legends tell mainly of those, who would invoke the name of Dusk hoping only to grow in power, there has always been some that were not scared of the shadows, and ready to walk a road less travelled. This order, known as the Duskbearers, while very far from the selfless ideals of Dawn’s priestly orders, would nonetheless often oppose the Mists, knowing that corruption and perversion of all creation was not what their god had intended.

More flexible and more adapted to the world today, Duskbearers seem to possess the skill to manipulate the Mists themselves. Tapping into their corrupting reservoir of eldritch power, they remain immune to madness and mutation, at least on the surface. And now, in a time of a great tide of darkness, they decided to step out of the shadows and aid those who oppose the Mists, knowing full well that if they don’t, soon there might not be anything to fight for even for them.

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Melekai the Duskbearer

Reputedly born in Blackwood, eldest son of a bringand lord of great stature, Melekai speaks little of his past, but his sharp mind and the ruthless way he often deals with his enemies speak volumes of where he is coming from. Still, nobody seems to know much of him beyond this – and few seem to care.

Walking into a skirmish about to turn ugly for four Misthunters, Melekai managed to help them win the day, instantly securing the trust of those he saved. Some later said that this trust went a little too far, but none of those who would fight by his side have ever doubted him again, trying to ignore the fact that the powers he wields can alter or outright bend the will of others.

Nonetheless, after making the acquaintance, Melekai decided to accompany Elatha from Naar to Valskyrr, and then back again, to join the informal brotherhood of Hammerhome, sworn to rid the wounded lands of the Mists’ influence. Whatever his real motives are, he has not given anyone reasons to doubt him since, and in a time as dire as this, picking allies is a luxury none can really afford.

Melekai as a Player Character

In essence, Melekai is a priest, and that means that he is able to wield a mace and aid his allies by healing them and removing conditions. However, unlike Arani, he is quite limited in his healing abilities, being much more focused on something else entirely.

Able to turn attacks away from himself, or at least make Enemies suffer the same damage he suffers, Melekai may be a bit tricky to play. His power often depends on the power of his foes, so he also possesses a certain degree of control over positioning of Enemies in different areas. To be able to eliminate them, he also has a few effects that do direct damage, not to mention the fact that most of his cards have to Combat keyword, very much needed when taking up a weapon against an enemy in melee.

The Kicker once again!

Just like with Elatha, a Hero you can play now, a playtest Print and Play version of Melekai will become available for download next week. So, if you want to try out some of what is coming up for Heart of the Mists, you can sharpen your scissors now… and tell us what you think of the newest addition to the roster of the Heroes of Mistfall.

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