Heart of the Mists: Aseke the Bard


With yet another Stretch Goal unlocked in the course of our Mistfall: Heart of the Mists Kickstarter campaign, a new Hero joined the ranks of playable characters of the Mistfall universe. Today we want to present you with that Hero’s story, and introduce you to the mechanisms behind the theme. And since some new Enemies also were added to the monstrous hordes, you will also have a chance to look at them and fear the coming Mists!


The Headless Hulk, an undead abomination scourging ancient battlefields of Naar.
The Headless Hulk, an undead abomination scourging ancient battlefields of Naar.

The Namebearers

They are called differently around the world, although “bard” seems to be the most common name. Singers, storytellers and performers, travelling alone or in troupes, they are usually welcomed wherever they go, as especially for those living in smaller settlements, they are a source of information on the outside world. And since the world has become much more volatile of late, the news they carry can be more precious than riches these days.

Although well liked almost everywhere, bards are held in especially high esteem in Valskyrr, as they are perceived as not only entertainers, but also keepers of knowledge and messengers of hope. Their accounts of heroic deeds often allow the common people of the cold north to reinvigorate their efforts in facing the horrors of the Mists.

Also, because of a belief (almost universal in Valskyrr, but also quite common in the rest of the known world) that one is not truly dead, as long as their name and deeds are not forgotten, bards are called Namebearers in Valskyrr. Indeed, their connection with heroes of old often allow them to tap into a fraction of their power, and inspire their companions to real greatness.

Aseke the namebearer 01

Aseke of the Dale

Aseke was born and raised on the road in a travelling troupe of performers. Although she is Valskyrrian by blood, she has spent most of her life moving from place to place, and performing for people everywhere between the Free Cities in the south, Valskyrr in the north and Naar in the east. She has also faced the threat of the Mists on more than one occasion.

Always cheerful and helpful, Aseke has found many friends around the world. She has on more than one occasion travelled into the wilds with the Shieldbearers of Forstvalley, or help the Myrmidons of Naar hold their ground with a war song. Her voice seems to possess the ability to calm ravenous beasts, instil strength in her allies, and pierce the darkness brought on by the Mists. The power she wields made her earn the status of a true Namebearer time and time again, and she is always welcomed in Frostvalley and Hammerhome alike.

It has also been said that she had been more than friends with the previous Lord Commander of Frostvalley keep. And while she has mourned his loss like many others, his passing did little perceivable damage to her character and demeanour. However, those who travel with Aseke have already seen that she exhibits even greater resolve when facing the horrors of the Mists, and that the name of Frostvalley’s fallen hero unlocks a power not seen in Aseke by anyone before.

The cyclops: a hateful and hungry giant twisted by the Mists.
The cyclops: a hateful and ravenous giant twisted by the Mists.

Aseke as a Player Character 

The Nambearer is the first Hero designed mostly with multiplayer games in mind (or for those who prefer to run two Heroes as they play solitaire). Most of Aseke’s abilities are based around supporting others, which means that she is somewhat weaker on her own, as her Feats centre around controlling Enemies and buffing friends. To offset for her lack of immediate strength, she is able to bring two Allies with her to any Quest.

Aseke also possesses a few Feats that allow her to use those Allies more effectively, as well as the ability to occasionally influence the number of Objective Tokens on the Time Charter.

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