From Space to France… and back again?

Versailles is admittedly one of the least known of our games. Published in 2013, it puts players in the shoes of master architects, trying to build the legendary palace by managing their workforce, gathering resources, crafting decorations and gaining access to useful technologies. If you’ve played Versailles, you probably know that. What you don’t know is what the original concept for the game actually was.

The first prototype of the game, back when it was still a pile of home-crafted cardboard tokens, a pile of wooden pawns borrowed from another game, and an unwieldy, one-piece board, was… Exodus II. If you’re thinking about Exodus: Proxima Centauri and Exodus: Edge of Extinction, you are on the right track.

Besides having fans of the game itself, Exodus has always been well liked for its lore. The tragic story of mankind having to leave Earth, and its encounter with a mysterious race of Centaurians made for a compelling backdrop to the brutal conflict that would play out on the board. While Exodus fans fell for the game due to its mechanisms and its volatile gameplay, many were (and still are) interested in the story. In fact, we still receive questions about what the future of Exodus holds for mankind, and for its real life fans.


Let me first come back to Versailles and its original incarnation. Exodus II was a game more meaty than Versailles. While telling a story of building a gargantuan mothership capable of housing hundreds of thousands of people, it was also a longer and more involved game, with a bit more negative interaction and some bits of direct player conflict so crucial to making it feel like Exodus.

As a publisher, we are already firmly in the realm of building worlds using product lines. The Mistfall world already spans over five products (including the recently kickstarted Heart of the Mists, Sand & Snow and a fully standalone Shadowscape debuting at Essen this year), and Exodus itself is already at two, with Edge of Extinction developing on original gameplay and expanding the Exodus universe. Now we want to go further.


While a bit grimmer, and possibly more realistic, the Exodus universe is quite ready to go into a new direction – and have fans follow it. The only question is, what direction should that be game-wise? Would the fans want to see some completely new games in the line? Would including more German-style mechanisms be a good fit?

What do you think? Should we explore the darker corners of the Exodus universe with a deckbuilder, a worker placement game, or perhaps a tactical game of fighting units? We do have ideas and plans, but if you’re a fan of Exodus, we’d love to know what you think.

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