Essen Spiel 2015 by NSKN Games

Spiel 2015 is over. In fact, it has been over since last Sunday, but we are still in the process of returning from Essen. Our physical bodies are back at home, but our minds are still partly in the halls filled with gamers, games, and the special kind of craziness that amazes us every year. So, let me tell you what went down this time…It’s no secret NSKN Games likes to be well prepared, which is why we leave for Essen quite early. And with good reasons, as this year the German highways had a few surprises in store. Take a look for yourselves:


You know that the traffic is bad when you actually have time to get out of your vehicle, meet some people, and get a photo of you taken as you strike a pose (in case of me and my lovely wife), do some actual work (in Agnieszka’s case), or suffer some backseat boredom (in case of Krzysztof).

Still, with ample time to spare for just such an occasion, we were on time – and so was Simurgh (followed closely by Mistfall, Exodus: Edge of Extinction, Progress, Praetor and Versailles). We even had the time to sit down with our incredible demo team to run through Simurgh – and play a game or two.

Getting_ReadyNow, when it comes to the actual fair, it’s a bit of a blur (but you can find a pretty detailed Spiel 2015 account on Kulkmann’s Gamebox). From the moment the gates opened on Thursday (and even though they would close for the night, letting us go back to the hotel and sleep), until the final moments of Sunday, stuff was going down at a pace and with intensity that sometimes was almost unbelievable.

BoothPeople poured in left and right, Simurgh, Mistfall and Exodus started flying off the shelves, and… well, let’s just say that when the dust finally settled on Sunday, we did not really have much cardboard to bring back home – apart from all the cool games we actually got to play over the next few weeks.

WIld_ReviewersDuring all of the craziness we also had the pleasure of seeing a few familiar faces. And while we do not have the photos of everyone who came to visit us here, let it be known that we were happy to see you all! Fans, reviewers, partners – or simply friends altogether – it’s always a blast to see you in Essen.

Pierluca_SigningOur biggest hit by far was Simurgh, which really exploded at Spiel. The fact that Pierluca Zizzi, the designer himself, spent some time chatting with his fans and signing brand new copies of Simurgh at our booth drew even more people to us – and made us realize that our booth – which grew to almost double its size since last year – is still way too small to contain all of you wonderful folks coming in to play some games, or simply say hello.

As it is always the case, some general shenanigans would also ensue on a semi-regular basis. Because, not to toot our own horn, some pretty fun things tend to happen, when some pretty fun people are around:

ShenanigansSo, tired and still slightly dizzy, we’re already seriously thinking about Spiel 2016. And we will have some epic stuff for you. Oh yes, we will.

And as a special bonus, here’s a link to an interview Pierluca Zizzi gave to Board Game Girl, and a warning to all of you designers who bring us your games to publish. Be afraid!

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