Draconic Art of Simurgh

It’s no secret that NSKN Games has been hard at work on Simurgh – our newest project that marries a captivating vision of a fantasy world with solid and engaging strategic gameplay – but only now can we truly say that our labours are coming to an end. And that makes for a great opportunity to show off some of the amazing art and graphic design of our newest outing.

Let’s start with the basics: you’ve seen the sketch version of the cover (you can find it in one of the previous blog posts about Simurgh). There’s an excellent chance that you’ve seen the final version of the box art – unless you’ve not yet visited our game site or the BordGameGeek game page, but if for some reason you have not, here it is in its full glory:


During the game you will build the board by constantly adding new tiles with new combination of spaces for your Spearmen and your Dragonriders (or, to put it in a simpler term: your workers) to take advantage of. Curious? Here are some of the basic building blocks of each game of Simurgh:


Simurgh is a game about Men and Dragons – and mechanically, it’s about managng your own pool of workers, and using the special abilities of your dragons. To make the experience immersive, we’ve prepared dragon tiles with some stunning artwork by Enggar Adirasa. Here’s a small sample:


And as a final tiny bonus, let us also show you one of the Objective Tiles, which sets establishes one of the ways for players to receive Power Points at the end of the game:


Simurgh will make its debut in Essen this year, and I for one simply cannot wait, as (after taking part in the development process) I myself am more than eager to finally hold a final copy of the game in my hand.

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