Don’t you want to breed dragons?

Yes, our next board game is all about breeding dragons!

We’ve been quite busy this year with two successful Kickstarter projects (Exodus & Mistfall), but we have been working in the background to finalize a project we’ve been long dreaming of…

If you played Hyperborea and loved it, you must know that Pierluca Zizzi is the “brain behind the game”. He is a talented Italian designer with several published games and he first showed us Simurgh two years ago in the Nurnberg Toy Fair. We’ve been impressed and decided to take the game on the spot.

Cover work in progress by Odysseas Stamoglou
Cover work in progress by Odysseas Stamoglou

To make things even better, the cover art will be signed by Odysseas Stamoglou, the same amazing artist who has been responsible for Exodus: Edge of Extinction, Versailles or Among the Stars.

So, what is Simurgh? It’s a worker placement board game with a hint of board building, it’s also a race game, highly competitive and… it has dragons. Should we say a more than you get to breed dragons and some of your workers are in fact dragon riders?

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