Call of the Dragonlord: Your House, Your Rules

As we are in the last 48 hours of the Simurgh: Call of the Dragonlord campaign, it’s time to reveal some secrets of the House Abilities module – and take the opportunity to display a few more dragon artworks from Simurgh.

Simurgh Dragon Art by Enggar Adirasa
Simurgh Dragon Art by Enggar Adirasa

Module 4: House Ability Cards

We are not the same, Noble One. We have our own strengths, and although it may take some time to bring our unique skills to bare, the benefits just might be worth the effort. Especially, if you are a ble to act fast.

Yes, you’ve heard us talk about Simurgh being thematically a struggle between powerful Noble Houses, trying to establish control over the White City, but up until now, there would be nothing to diversify these Houses. Well, no more, as th is module introduces custom special abilities, adding even more asymmetrical powers to the ga me.

Work for your Success

You start a game of Simurgh having your own, unique Dragon that provides you with a set of its abilities that can be used immediately, already making for a different start for each of the players. With House Ability cards you get even more powerful abilities, although with a cost.

Unlike Dragon Abilities, House Abilities can be used every turn. Players do not have to use and replenish any markers to be able to use their powers – and that is exactly why there’s catch: your House Abilities start inactive, and in order to activate them, you must fulfil a certain condition (detailed by the card) two or three times.

Every time the condition is fulfilled while you perform other Actions – when you gather or spend resources, or position your Vassals in a certain way on the board or Action Tiles.

Simurgh Dragon Art by Enggar Adirasa
Simurgh Dragon Art by Enggar Adirasa

Synergizing Actions

House Ability Cards make for an especially interesting addition if you like to play Simurgh with the pre-game draft, as you can try to align your Action Tiles with whatever the requirement your House Ability presents. This way, you can strive to unlock its potential early on, while still performing Actions that get you closer to overall victory.

The House Abilities are especially suited for players who like to carefully plan out their moves before their first turn, as weaving in the requirement of their House Ability Card into their moves may give them an edge just sharp enough to beat their opponents to victory.

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