Call of the Dragonlord: A Time for Leaders

As the Kickstarter campaign for  Simurgh: Call of the Dragonlord is nearing the last 48 hour mark, and with over 350% of the original funding level reached, it’s time take a closer look at another mechanism intoduces with the expansion: Leadership Tiles. Apart from that, there’s one more surprise: a look at the board art of both the base game of Simurgh, and the Call of the Dragonlord expansion.

As the power struggle between the Noble Houses leaves the White City still leaderless, we need to forget the old rules and employ new strategies. Preponderance and foresight are key, but this conflict can only be one by agility and swiftness, as only the one who outfoxes and outmanoeuvres their opponents will take the High Seat at the City Council table.

Leadership Tiles are in essence Action Tiles – just like Resource, Transformation or Research Tiles. However, unlike the Module Zero which simply expands all of the already existing categories, Module 3 introduces a whole new category of tiles – one that brings a mechanism with a potential to make a big change in how Simurgh is played.

Simurgh board art by Odysseas Stamoglou.
Simurgh board art by Odysseas Stamoglou.

Agility and Cunning

While between Actions and Dragon Abilities there is already a lot of room for creating unique combinations and interactions that stretch the rules of the base game, Leadership Tiles allow you to break one of the fundamental constraints of a player’s turn. Players will now be allowed to occasionally place more than one Vassal during a single player impulse.

The new type of Action Space available on Leadership Tiles allows a player to gain its benefits (like resources or Ability Markers), and then immediately place another Vassal on any one Action Space on another tile in the Wilds. While limited only to tile Action Spaces, this new option opens up new opportunities to make even better use of any single turn – and introduces a new factor to consider.

Call of the Dragonlord board art by Odysseas Stamoglou.
Call of the Dragonlord board art by Odysseas Stamoglou.

Speed and Surprise

When to place Action Tiles is a key element of any strategy in Simurgh. Introducing powerful Action Spaces other player will be able to potentially use – but in a way that will make such a use practically impossible due to lack of certain resources – is a base concept for a player to come to grips with, if they’re to make effective use of their hand of Action Tiles.

The fact that usually one can easily determine what other players will be capable of during their next turn helps in finding the perfect moment to open up some new and lucrative Action Spaces. However, with Leadership Tiles, a level of uncertainty is introduced.

As player hands remain hidden, now it is more difficult to assess the ability of other players to make use of whatever new Action Tiles we place in the Wilds. And again, choosing the perfect moment to play the right Leadership Tile might create even more opportunities for smart and surprising manoeuvres, or even a better control over our situation during endgame.

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