And we’re back!

Over the last few years, UK Games Expo has become one of our favourite conventions. Just a few days after its 2017 editions I can again vividly remember why.

As NSKN Games we’ve been appearing at UKGE since 2012, and it’s always been fun. Until 2015, UKGE was held exclusively at the Birmingham Hilton. Before last year’s move to one of the NEC halls it seemed like the unique feel of UKGE was closely tied to its venue. Turns out, it was not.

Demoing games can be a beautiful sight!

Although a part of the convention is still held at the Hilton, exhibitors like us were moved last year to NEC, where we set up a booth slightly different than (what amounted to) our booths from years before. Looking much more like a trade fair these days, UKGE surprisingly retained a lot of its character.

Shadowscape launching at UKGE sparked a lot of interest!

UKGE has always been about people, and about gaming. Sitting around a table on comfortable Hilton chairs and simply talking to our fans, or to people interested in our games, has always been the experience of this convention.

Much was changed last year, so this time we decided to go in a slightly bigger group, and we were still surprised at how busy a team of four could get between demoing our microgames (Strawberry Ninja, Pyramid of the Sun, What’s Up), and Shadowscape (actually launching at UKGE).

We even have a few familiar faces playing Shadowscape!

When the dust settled, it turned out that between shaking hands and talking to our fans, we also kept simply selling games, until pretty much everything we had was gone. It’s a shame we only brought about 350 boxes, as we could have definitely sold more than 1 game in every 5 minutes.

We were so buisy that we had no time to get any proper food!

I love the UK for its food, its ale, and the amazing people I get to interact with every day. Thank you all for paying us a visit, for the conversations, for games played at the Hilton long into the night. We all hope to see you all next year!

PS. I’d like to thank Board Game Girl for the amazing photos we received for this blog post!


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