A Realm of Shadows. Part II

Previously I talked about the design ideas and mechanisms of Shadowscape – the newest game that shares its universe with Mistfall and Heart of the Mists. Today it’s time to dive a bit into its lore, and to talk about the present and future of the game.


Enemies and Allies

While building the story of Mistfall and Heart of the Mists I put a lot of effort into creating not only the world itself with its lore and history, but also into character backstories and their relationships. The truth is that since most of heroes of Mistfall and Heart of the Mists stood together against the darkness and corruption spread by the Mists, it would not sit well with me to simply make them enemies.

So, for all of you who care for such details, I present to you a piece of Shadowscape lore that tells a piece of the story of the dungeon itself, and explains the reasons characters you know would take up arms against each other:

Sample Heroes of Shadowscape
Sample Heroes of Shadowscape

Few speak of this shadowy land hidden beneath the world, for most believe that it is a realm of theof the Nightfather, and a place of the final test all men doomed to die will have to face, before forever leaving the realm of Dawn and Dusk.

Legends speak also of those who would emerge from the maze of madness victorious, having persevered while beset by enemies, and endured an assault of their own greatest fears, manifested as shadows of those who once stood by their side as sisters and brothers.

There are many names for this place. Some call it the Realm of Shadow, others know it as the Nightmare Beyond the Veil or, Forge of Heroes. Most simply call it Shadowscape.

Sample Dungeon Rooms
Sample Dungeon Rooms

The Future of Shadowscape

Shadowscape came into being as part of the Heart of the Mists Kickstarter campaign. Without a truly outstanding engagement of the fans, the game would not be seeing the light of day for months to come.

The plan for Shadowscape is at this point simple: we will run a Kickstarter campaign for the game alone in the future, but for now, only our backers will have direct access to the game. However, anyone will be able to see, touch and play Shadowscape in Essen. So, the Realm of Shadows will, for some time at least, remain open only to those, who decided to enter it early.

Sample Enemy Cards
Sample Enemy Cards


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